Nathan Larson, a would-be politician from Virginia who has run for Congress several times under libertarian, “neo-reactionary libertarian,” anarcho-capitalist, and similar labels, most recently ran for office in 2018. He has since dropped out of the race, but his views continue to make headlines.

Most notably, Larson is a proponent of pedophile and incest and admits to being a pedophile himself. He believes in decriminalizing child sex crimes and wants to legalize pedophilia, making it legal to have sex with kids as young as 10 as long as the two parties are married.

Larson’s Beliefs on Sex with Kids and Pedophilia

Larson himself admits to pedophilia and desiring sex with kids. Most disturbingly of all, he supports the decriminalization of incest and says that if he had a daughter, he would seek out a sexual relationship with her.

As a would-be Congressman, Larson ran on a platform of decriminalizing pedophilia and most sex offenses. In his perfect world, pedophiles would not be prosecuted for sex with kids 10 and over, at least not if the partners were married.

Larson’s Positions on Other Topics

Larson is no stranger to controversy and extremism. In fact, he once served 14 months in prison for threatening the president’s life in 2008. His beliefs are rooted in “voluntaryism” and anarcho-capitalism, or radical libertarianism. He believes that the government should not be involved with human life, civic order, or morality at any level, even in cases of rape, pedophilia, and incest.

His other views and behaviors are equally erratic and potentially dangerous. Larson admits to raping women and teens on several occasions, including his ex-wife, who ultimately committed suicide. He married again after her death.

In particular, Larson repeatedly claimed to be interested in and committed to raping women on sites he started for pedophiles and “incels.” No one is sure if the claims are true or rooted in fantasy. Larson has no parental rights for the child he had with his ex.

Finally, Larson’s views on women’s rights are clear and disturbing: He believes women should be subservient to men sexually, legally, and financially. Married men should have the legal right to “physically discipline” their wives, he argues, and women should not have voting rights or be able to own property.