What Are the Most Common Household Accidents for Children?


No one wants to see their child get hurt. However, household accidents happen every day. How can you take steps to protect your children from everyday dangers? The first step is to learn which accidents are the most common. The second step is reducing the likelihood that these accidents take place, to begin with!


Falls are the most common accidents that cause injuries to children. These falls are usually in rooms that contain water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Children stepping into the bathtub are at particular risk for slipping and falling. Likewise, the kitchen poses hazards if parents fail to keep the floor clean and dry.

Children also suffer falling injuries while climbing on the furniture or jumping on beds. Parents must secure top-heavy furniture with wall anchors to prevent tip-over injuries.

Even if you tell children not to climb on dressers, you can’t guarantee that they’ll listen. It’s better to have furniture anchors and not need them than it is to rush a child to the hospital because they were injured in a furniture tip-over.

Falls can also occur on the stairs. Stress to your children the importance of never playing on or near the stairs, as falling from the second floor of a home can be life-threatening.


Childproof all electrical outlets and keep open flames far from children. Fire is the most common cause of fatal accidents for children. Parents should supervise children when open flames like candles or fireplaces are present in the home.

It doesn’t take long for a curious child to knock a candle over and start a house fire. It takes even less time for playtime to turn to disaster if a child falls into the fireplace.

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects are another common source of accidents for children. Parents should never leave knives unattended on the kitchen counter.

Even innocuous sharp objects like letter openers or kitchen utensils can be dangerous for young children. All it takes is a child tripping while holding a fork or knife to cause a serious injury.

Household Chemicals

Make sure you put childproof locks on any cabinets that contain household chemicals like bleach or drain cleaner. Parents must also keep childproof caps on any chemical containers. Children can accidentally poison themselves by drinking these harmful substances.

No matter how much you impress upon them that chemicals are dangerous, some children refuse to believe their parents until they try it for themselves.