Traveling with Kids: How to Make Your Vacation Easier


No one likes being on an airplane with a screaming baby or an unruly kid. That goes double for the kid’s parents! As much as the people with you on the plane are displeased with the situation, they should know you’re not happy about it either. After all, you’re the one who has to help resolve the problem.

Here are a few tips to making your vacation a little bit easier for yourself and your kids.

Plenty of Activities

Ensure you pack all of your kid’s favorite activities that can fit on the plane with you. An excellent go-to could be a favorite video game or maybe an iPad with their favorite movies downloaded. This is an excellent way for your child to get a lot of entertainment packed into a small space, making it easier to bring it as a carry-on.

Bringing a few of their favorite toys couldn’t hurt either, as long as you can fit them snugly with you on the plane. Remember, it’s essential to keep your child engaged, even on a long plane ride. You might feel like it’s draining to keep up with them over several hours but imagine how the other passengers feel when they’re having their seats kicked or listening to a screaming child.

Tire Them Out Beforehand

If you know you’re about to go on a long trip, try taking your kids out for a lot of activity beforehand. These should be fun, tiring outdoor activities like swimming, playing sports, running, and anything else, resulting in an exhausted and sleepy child. That way, they’ll have little energy to expend on the plane ride and will be content to nap and play video games.

For very young children and infants, you can apply a similar strategy. Just play with them extensively before and during the flight to keep them entertained and tire them out. Then, they’ll hopefully get a nice nap during the journey and allow you to relax before starting your vacation.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted

Don’t assume your child will be good on the plane because they’re usually good in the car. Some kids can do just fine on long car rides, but the excitement of being shuffled from the airport to the plane and then doing nothing for hours on end can be highly stressful for a child. This could result in them acting out.

Just stay patient with them and keep a firm but gentle tone. Ensure they know that they need to be calm on the flight, and give them plenty to do in the meantime. The rest will hopefully come quickly!