Tips To Make Your Holiday Road Trip with Family Safer


With the holidays coming up, you’re probably planning to load the kids in your vehicle and visit family soon. But driving with youngsters in the car test your patience, so it’s vital to take some time to make the road trip as safe as possible. Before you hit the road, review these safety tips to keep your kids safe and secure.

How Far To Travel

Some kids are better on long car rides than others. Do you know for sure your children will start getting antsy around two hours into the four-hour ride? Plan a stop halfway through the trip. That way, everyone can hop out, stretch their legs, and get their energy out before getting back on the road.

Sometimes, your youngsters might just not be ready for long car trips. If multi-hour rides are out of the question, consider just shelling out for airfare this holiday season instead. It costs more, but that’s a small price to pay for safety. Screaming kids and distracted driving make for a bad combination on the highway!

Provide Entertainment

Kids can get restless during multi-hour highway trips. Make sure to provide them with ample entertainment to keep them from getting too bored and antsy. The tried-and-true strategy is to hand them a tablet with their favorite movie loaded and ready to go.

Likewise, you could outfit your youngsters with a handheld video game system to occupy their time. If they can get immersed in a video game, you’ll have plenty of quiet time to handle the drive itself. Just be prepared to pull over and help the youngsters troubleshoot their gadgets in case something goes wrong.

Bring Backup

Don’t try to make a long trip with kids by yourself. Bring a passenger with you! A spouse, sibling, or parent is ideal for this job. Someone you can rely on to keep the youngsters entertained is invaluable on a long trip. Your passenger can bring activities for the children, like coloring books, sticker sheets, and games.

Having another adult in the car also gives you the option to trade places. Long drives can be mentally draining, so it’s important to either take breaks or trade places with your passenger. Then, you can spend some time entertaining the kids, too!

If you’re going to spend any time as a passenger, don’t forget to bring entertainment for yourself, too. Magazines, books, and podcasts are all invaluable companions on a long journey.