Tips for Keeping Children Safe on Vacation


Going out of town for a vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not stressful. When you travel with children, you have to be aware of numerous issues that most travelers don’t even need to consider. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your children safe and secure while on vacation.

Traveling Safely

Make sure your child has the right car seat for the journey. If you’re traveling by plane, check the car seat’s label to ensure it’s rated for use on an aircraft. All children should have their own seats on a plane and never travel in their parent’s lap.

Kids should keep their seat belts on as much as possible while the plane is in the air. Turbulence can happen without warning, and youngsters have worse coordination than adults. As such, it’s ideal for kids to stay seated and buckled up even when the seatbelt light is off.

Child-Proof the Hotel Room

Remember how you child-proofed all the rooms at your home in which children play? You’ll need to do that in the hotel room, too. Bring plug caps to put in all exposed outlets, secure the windows and shower door, and cover any exposed corners or sharp objects.

Bring the most important child-proofing equipment you use at home along with you. If you’ve got a youngster who loves to explore, you’ll want doorknob covers and toilet locks to keep the bathroom off-limits from curious kids. Move any dangerous items like glasses, travel shampoos, or coffee makers up and out of reach of children.

Keep an eye out for electrical cords or wires. These usually blend in with the room’s décor, so you might not notice them at first. Curious toddlers will take note of them, though! Keep these cords out of reach of any youngsters traveling with you.

Stranger Safety

Take some time to explain basic stranger safety to older children. Emphasize the importance of not telling strangers where your family is from, what room you’re staying in, or what your business is in the area. Criminals like to target victims from out of town because they’re unfamiliar with the region.

Similarly, tell your child to avoid answering the hotel door, especially when adults aren’t around. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that the rules for stranger safety no longer apply! Criminals might see a traveling family as a perfect mark for a robbery or kidnapping.