Simple Childproofing Tips To Keep Your Home Safe for Kids


Kids are good at getting themselves into trouble. That’s why childproofing is so vital! You can’t supervise your kids around the clock, so you need to use childproofing techniques and common sense to make your home as safe as possible. 

Here are a few simple tips to take the danger out of your house. Some of these tips might sound like they’re too much just for childproofing, but trust us–these safety precautions could save a child’s life.

Cordless Blinds

Have you ever considered how dangerous your window coverings are? If you have traditional blinds with cords to control their position, your windows pose a health risk to children.

It doesn’t take long for a playful child to get themselves tangled in the cords to your window blinds. When this happens, the strings can choke and suffocate the child, resulting in disaster.

Avoid this altogether by replacing your traditional blinds with cordless blinds or drapes. These alternatives don’t leave hazardous cords dangling from the windows, making your rooms safer for your children and visitors.

Power Outlets

Most people know to avoid sticking their fingers or metal objects into power outlets. However, children don’t always understand how dangerous electricity can be. A curious child could stick a paperclip or coin in an electrical outlet while you’re not looking. This action could cause injury or even death!

You can avoid this dangerous situation by installing power outlet covers. These are plastic items that slot into an outlet and block tiny fingers and paperclips from exposure to an electrical current. Make sure you install them in every outlet that isn’t in use!

Furniture Anchors

Take the time to anchor all of your top-heavy furniture to the wall. Household furniture like mirrors, dressers, and vanities can topple over when children play or tug on them. Anchors allow you to use straps to keep the item secured to the wall. They keep children safe and prevent them from damaging your furniture. 

These anchors aren’t hard to install, but you need to get them in place before children visit your home. While you’re at it, consider mounting any large TVs to the wall, too. Flatscreen TVs can also be top-heavy, making them a potential crushing hazard for curious children. Mounting them to the wall keeps them out of reach of youngsters and makes it impossible for them to get handprints all over your new display, too!