Safety Tips: Playing Outside and Summer Activities


Kids love playing outside in the summertime. It’s fun to run around and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine! However, it’s essential to also keep some basic safety tips in mind, so you keep your kids happy and healthy all summer long.


Even if you’re only going to be outside for a few minutes, and even if it’s overcast, you and your children must use sunscreen. Skin cancer is a real threat, and exposure to UV light is a major carcinogen. Even in the short term, getting a sunburn is no fun!

Remember: you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day. It’s even possible to get a sunburn in the shade! When you go to the pool or beach, of course, you’re thinking about sunscreen more. After all, you tend to wear less clothing by the pool, and the water reflects sunlight, making you get burned more quickly.

Playing Near the Road

Kids are chaotic, and their games can often take them all over the neighborhood. It’s important to hammer home to the little ones that they should try to avoid letting their games spill over into the street. After all, cars driving through the neighborhood won’t always be able to see the kids playing.

And, tragically, many people speed through residential areas and don’t have time to react if a child falls into the road. While you can’t control how drivers treat your neighborhood’s roads, you can help how your kids think about playing too close to the street!

Bugs and Pests

Make sure to get the bug spray ready! Nobody likes getting bitten by mosquitos or pestered by fire ants. Teach your kids about the different types of bugs that live in your region and show them the best ways to avoid them. For instance, if you have fire ants in your neighborhood, make sure the kids know not to kick any ant hills or get too close to hordes of fire ants. Their bites can hurt!

Likewise, make sure they know to avoid any beehives or hornet’s nests they come across. Kids are usually pretty curious about bugs, but swarming bees are dangerous for anyone, let alone small children.

Use Common Sense

It’s not easy to keep an eye on your kids all the time. At a certain point, you need to trust them to use common sense when they’re playing outside. After all, the lessons they don’t learn the easy way will learn the hard way. You want to help them avoid the hardest lessons if you can!