Planning to Skip your Child’s Flu Vaccine this Year? Don’t

You may be considering skipping your child’s flu shot because… 

The flu isn’t that serious. 

Children die of complications from the flu every single year. While it’s not very likely your child would be one of those, it’s also not worth the risk if it can be prevented. 

The flu vaccine doesn’t work. 

Would you let your child ride in the car without a car seat or safety belt because you saw a newspaper article in which a child was injured in spite of those safety precautions? 

My child’s healthy so I’m not worried about complications. 

The lives of previously healthy children are lost each year due to the flu virus, and the false comfort isn’t worth the risk. 

Will the vaccine cause autism? 

Few questions in scientific study have been answered as thoroughly as this one. Vaccines don’t cause autism. The idea that vaccines play a role has been completely debunked. 

My child is allergic to eggs. 

Consult your doctor. Although the manufacturing process for the flu vaccine uses egg proteins, there is minimal egg protein in the final product. Nearly all children with an egg allergy are able to safely receive the flu vaccine.