Many pedophiles lure in and groom their minor victims with toys, candy, electronics, money or fun activities. That’s exactly what a pedophile from the UK recently attempted to do when he set up and paid for a series of sexual assaults in the Philippines, including both young male and female victims.

58-year-old Alan Porter, a lorry driver, planned visits to the Philippines for the express purposes of watching trafficked, exploited, and abducted children be raped. He also filled a suitcase with chocolate bars and Cadbury eggs in order to lure in various victims on his trips.

Recently sentenced, Porter will now be on the sex offender registry for life. Read on to learn more about his “Cadbury eggs” scheme, his many criminal charges for sexual activity involving a child and paying for sexual services with minors, and his possession of child pornography.

Alan Porter’s Crimes Against Abducted Children

In 2017, police received an anonymous letter and memory card filled with gruesome information about Alan Porter’s many crimes and attempted crimes against children.

The pedophile had apparently been planning a trip to the Philippines for many years and had arranged for children to be drugged, kidnapped, and raped while he watched. Over those years, he also paid for children to be drugged and raped while he watched child pornography online.

Porter had prepared for his trips in a number of ways. Most notably, he packed suitcases full of candy, including Cadbury eggs, which he planned to use to lure in unsuspecting children on the streets of the Philippines.

How Long Will Porter Be Behind Bars?

Porter received a sentence of 21 years in prison. Judge Paul Tain of Hove Crown Court handed down the sentence for many charges, including paying for sexual services for boys and girls under 13, child sexual exploitation, arranging for sexual offenses against children, and making explicit images of children.

Porter will also be a registered sex offender for the remainder of his life. He won’t be eligible for parole until two-thirds of his sentence is over.