Pedophilia is often talked about in hushed tones and presumed to happen under the dark cover of night. But what if you were watching security camera footage and saw a sex crime against a child unfolding in broad daylight? Worse yet, what if the victim was your child, and you saw her being violated practically in public?

That’s exactly what happened recently to a little girl and her family in Malaysia. A 9-year-old girl from Gombak was caught on camera, as a man was molesting her in the back aisle of a convenience store. Her little sister, too, was violated, although the girls eventually managed to get away.

The CCTV footage went viral and shocked viewers, who couldn’t believe that child sex abuse could be so open or that child predators would be so bold and brazen.

CCTV Footage of Man Molesting 9-Year-Old Malaysian Girl

In Bandar Country Homes, near Gombak, Malaysia, a 9-year-old girl and her younger sister went into their local convenience store as usual in mid-July 2019. But closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the two revealed an ugly scene once they arrived.

A man was caught on tape molesting the two victims, pulling them against him and grinding them as they struggled to get away. Eventually, they were able to free themselves, but not before he had sexually assaulted them.

Child predators are not usually so unapologetic about their criminal activity, so the video quickly went viral when a user uploaded it to social media platforms. The user has since taken the video down, but it was shown on local news media outlets as well.

The girls immediately told their parents, who reported it to the police within hours.

Police Searching for Child Sex Abuse Perpetrator

Child predators often try to keep their criminal activity private. But this child molester was so bold that police believe they might be dealing with a serial predator.

Police are currently actively looking for the offender and investigating the heinous act of child sex abuse, Assistant Commissioner Samsor Maarof of the Gombak District told the local press.