The pandemic has caused many children to lose a lot of security and stability. So, a San Francisco company called Brightline is launching a platform on which a network of psychiatrists, therapists, and coaches that can offer tele-therapy to kids, according to Fast Company. The platform will be local to the Bay Area.

Brightline’s Kids Tele-therapy Platform

The therapy Brightline offers entails:

  • Online therapy for kids 6-10
  • Guided therapy for kids three and up (with parents)
  • Group classes
  • Progress tracking

What Does It Cost?

Brightline waived all costs amid the pandemic, so there is currently no monthly membership fee. Therapy that costs zero dollars is nearly unheard of, so this is a huge opportunity for families in the Bay Area whose kids need support.

Pandemic, Lockdown Taking a Toll on Children – Especially Toddlers

The pandemic, many experts and parents worry, will leave a psychological toll on children. In the past few months, their playgrounds and school lunches disappeared. Classrooms and friends were traded for Zoom calls and an overload of screen time.

Young children might not understand the lockdown, and it’s not easy to explain a crisis of this nature to a child. Some older kids may understand the coronavirus pandemic a bit better, but they are still not mentally equipped to handle some of the psychological stress the lockdown has taken on everyone.

For some families, the pandemic has been an opportunity to bond. But younger kids are missing out on important developmental moments, says Gaby Hinsliff at the Guardian.

“While one lost summer feels like a tragedy to teenagers, it may turn out to have been more critical for toddlers, now missing out on an entire developmental stage’s worth of learning to share, play and listen with other toddlers, which is half the battle in getting ready for school. For other children too small to understand exactly what’s happening but old enough to have soaked up their parents’ anxiety and grief, there will be consequences.”