Michael Clifford is the guitarist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. On June 15, allegations of sexual assault emerged on Twitter, which Clifford has denied.

The second-hand account of abuse was shared by Twitter user @knowyoureta. The tweets claimed that Clifford “used to invite underaged girls to his hotel room/tour bus after shows,” and that the incident occurred while the band was supporting One Direction on tour in 2014.

The tweets say that Clifford invited an underaged fan back to his hotel room after a show and “started touching her inappropriately.”

The series of tweets ended with the user saying the girl in question “tried to speak up,” but “no one believed her.”

The account has since been deleted.

Clifford responded on Twitter denying the allegations. He said he is “heartbroken to read these things that are being said,” and that they are “BEYOND untrue.”

He said he “was never allowed in the crowd” and “only ever watched at front of house.”