Massive Boppy Lounger Recall Over Asphyxiation Hazard


Over 3.3 million Boppy Loungers have been recalled by Boppy as a result of eight infant deaths. The products have been linked to the deaths of infants due to sleep-related asphyxiation events. Three products are covered under the recall: the Boppy Original Newborn Lounger, the Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger, and the Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Lounger.

These products pose a sleeping hazard for infants. According to the recall notice, infants who are placed on the lounger or who roll off of it into a bad position could have their breathing blocked by bedding or a pillow. As such, parents who have purchased any of these products are encouraged to discontinue use of them and to return them to the retailer they bought them from to seek a full refund.

Safe Sleep for Babies

Babies are fragile, so they can get caught in bad positions while they’re sleeping that block their ability to breathe. Because infants don’t have well-developed muscles, it can be very difficult for them to push themselves out of a situation in which they’re struggling to breathe. This is why proper sleeping arrangements for babies are so important!

The only places infants should sleep are flat surfaces in approved products that have been made for babies to sleep in. Things like cribs and bassinets are safety-tested to make sure they don’t pose a suffocation hazard for infants. Any other sleeping arrangement could pose a potentially deadly risk for an infant.

Sleep Safety Isn’t a Matter of Supervision

Some parents claim that it’s safe for their babies to sleep anywhere because they’ll be keeping an eye on them while they sleep. However, this isn’t good enough: it’s not difficult for an infant to appear to be peacefully sleeping when they’re actually in serious trouble.

Even under the most vigilant of supervision, it’s possible for an infant to roll into a position that could block their breathing. Parents can easily not even notice that this has happened until it’s too late.

Products Can Be Deceiving

Products like loungers can be deceiving for some parents, as they might appear to be suitable for sleep when they’re explicitly marketed as somewhere for an infant to sit and play. Often, the packaging for these products will mention that they aren’t rated for infant sleep, but they’re still plush, comfortable, and easy for babies to fall asleep on.

Remember: once your infant falls asleep, it’s important that you move them to an approved sleep surface like their crib or bassinet right away. It’s the safe thing to do!