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22-year-old Jordan Kemlo of Scotland was recently extradited to the United States and sentenced to several decades in prison for grooming and sexually assaulting victims in Arizona.

Kemlo used the game Minecraft to lure in minors before preying on young boys repeatedly. Read on to learn more about the convicted pedophile’s sentence, how he was caught, and

Kemlo’s Sex Crimes and Sentence in Scotland

Kemlo is a serial predator who has unfortunately made a career of preying on young boys in his short life. He first sexually assaulted a boy in Scotland and served four years in prison there in 2015. While he was in Scotland, the U.S. government requested that he be extradited so he could be tried for a series of crimes he allegedly committed during a visit to Arizona.

Between February and May 2014, Kemlo sexually assaulted a 17-year-old boy with whom he’d been playing Minecraft at his home. The victim says that Kemlo sexually assaulted him at least weekly for a period of three months. The victim finally told his mother about the sexual abuse after Kemlo returned to Scotland, who reported it to the local police immediately.

Kemlo was extradited to the U.S. and tried. He was convicted on several counts related to the sexual abuse of minors. The judge at the Pima County Superior Court handed down a sentence of 42 and a half years for his crimes. He also received a lifetime probation order.

Minecraft and Grooming

Kemlo is, sadly, not the only pedophile or sex offender who has used online games to lure in young children or teens. Minecraft was used in this case, but serial predators and repeat offenders often consider preying on young boys or girls a long game. They often seek to form “relationships” with the children on whom they prey.

In particular, predators often target children and teens who are lonely, depressed, left out, struggling in school, or otherwise vulnerable. To do so, offenders often feign deep caring for their victims, seeking to meet them at their level and pretending to share their interests.