Man Arrested for Child Crimes Planned to Assassinate Joe Biden


A 19-year-old North Carolina man was arrested recently in connection to an extremely large amount of child porn on his personal devices. The man, Alexander Hillel Treisman, seems to have also been planning to assassinate former vice president Joe Biden.

Biden, who is also the Democratic Party nominee for president, was mentioned numerous times in manifestos found on Treisman’s electronic devices.

At one point, Treisman posted an image on his personal social media that included the caption “Should I kill Joe Biden?”

The 19-year-old was arrested in connection to a nondescript white van he left in a bank parking lot. After he entered the bank and asked questions regarding the vehicle, the police were contacted and investigated the vehicle, finding $500,000 in cash and numerous firearms within.

Initial Investigation

During the initial investigation of the van, police found an AR-15-style rifle, a handgun, a box of ammunition, and a surprising amount of cash. It is unclear how Treisman acquired the significant sum of money found in his van, though some suspect it may have been an inheritance.

Treisman himself was connected to the van by eyewitnesses within the bank it was parked in front of. In his personal vehicle, police found more guns that belonged to Treisman.

This significant number of firearms led to law enforcement searching Treisman’s personal electronics, including his laptops and cellphone. He was found to be in possession of thousands of images and videos depicting children in illicit contexts. These illegal images were primarily masochistic or sadistic in nature, and were described by witnesses as “disturbing”.

Assassination Plans

Treisman’s electronics also included manifestos and notes containing his plans to enact some kind of mass shooting. He seemed intent on planning such an attack at a mall food court on either Black Friday or Christmas, aiming to cause as much damage as physically and psychologically possible.

He also was found to be in possession of numerous stills from the 2019 New Zealand Christchurch shooting, a massacre enacted by a far-right extremist against Muslim worshippers.

Treisman allegedly visited a fast-food restaurant that was only four miles from Biden’s home at one point during May 2020. A checklist including a final task (“execute”) seemed to detail his assassination plans. Among Treisman’s personal effects were driver’s licenses for three different states.

Treisman is being held without bail, due to the danger he is perceived to present to the community at large. He is facing serious charges related to child pornography in his possession, but it is unclear if he will face additional charges for the assassination plot.