Making Your Home Safer To Prevent Common Child Injuries


Thousands of preventable child injuries occur every year in the US. No parent wants their child to suffer any injury! The good news is, there are a few straightforward steps you can take to make your children safer. Today, we’re sharing a few precautions you can take to prevent common household injuries. Whether you’re a new parent or just hosting guests with children, these tips can save lives.

Laundry Packets or Pods

Laundry packets are helpful, cutting out the frustrating and inexact practice of measuring out detergent. Busy adults often buy these packets or pods to make their household chores a bit easier. However, children may mistake these pods for candy. Some viral social media posts have even joked about laundry pods being a “forbidden snack,” accidentally encouraging young children to try eating the detergent.

If a child ingests detergent, their life could be in danger. Parents must put detergent packets high up and out of reach of any young children. All pods should also be kept in child-proof containers that are difficult for youngsters to open. To be safe, parents should also keep the door to the laundry room shut and locked when it’s not in use.

Kitchen Safety

Most preventable home injuries occur in the kitchen. Cooking presents many hazards for children: sharp knives, boiling water, and moving appliances among them. Make sure young children aren’t underfoot while you’re cooking. Bumping into a child and dropping a kitchen knife or a pot of boiling water could be catastrophic.

Parents also need to keep kitchen utensils stored high up and out of reach of children. Knives are particularly dangerous and should be stashed far back on the counter or in a drawer inaccessible to kids. It’s also vital that parents supervise their children whenever they use the stove, oven, or other appliances in the kitchen. That goes for blenders, toaster ovens, and even microwaves!

Blind Cords

Consider switching all the blinds in your home to cordless models if you have young children. The cords that hang from traditional blinds might look innocuous, but they can be risky for kids. Youngsters are often fascinated by the hanging strings and might play with them, swinging around and pulling on them.

Some children can accidentally wrap these cords around their necks while playing with them. As such, traditional blinds could be a strangulation hazard in your home. Cordless blinds eliminate this risk and are also more resistant to being damaged by curious toddlers.