Keeping Children Safe During Playtime


Children are usually little bundles of energy. Youngsters need lots of opportunities to run around, play with their friends, and get their energy out in a constructive way. That’s why it’s vital that you do your part to keep your children safe while they’re playing, so they can stay happy and healthy while enjoying their downtime.

Today, we’re going over a few tips to make playtime safer for everyone. Let’s get into the basics of keeping your little ones safe in any playtime setting!

Appropriate Toys

Kids love toys. But not all toys are ideal for playtime! Before you give a child a new toy, make sure it ticks all the safety-related boxes. It should have no removable component small enough to fit through a toilet paper tube. If it has such small pieces, it could be a choking hazard!

Children can easily pop a small piece of plastic in their mouths while playing, and it’s not hard for them to accidentally swallow it while they’re running around and playing with their friends. This can happen even when you’re keeping a close eye on them! 

Dangerous Settings

It’s vital that you keep playtime away from dangerous environments. For instance, children should never run near swimming pools, fireplaces, or glass coffee tables. If one of your children slips and hits their head on a concrete, brick, or glass surface, it could cause them a concussion, or worse.

Make sure your kids play in wide, open areas that have soft surfaces they can land on if they take a spill. Grassy fields, child-proof playgrounds, and recreational rooms designed for playtime are perfect for this. Kids are clumsy, so it’s really a matter of when they fall, not if. Just make sure the area they’re playing in is safe to tumble around in!

Check Recall Notices

There are regulations in place to protect children from hazardous materials in their toys and playpens. However, some items can slip past regulators and reach the public without anyone realizing they’re dangerous. This is why it’s vital for parents to stay informed about recent product recalls.

If you purchase an item that the Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a recall on, you should immediately remove it from your child’s reach and return it to the retailer from which you purchased it. These recalls exist to safeguard kids from manufacturing errors, even if the product seems harmless at first glance!