Establishing a secret code word that just your family knows can allow you to keep everyone safe. If your child finds themselves in an uncomfortable situation and needs help, they can tell you with one word while not setting off alarms to those around them–including people that may be the reason they need help.

Choose the Word

Families can use any word they want, but it’s important to choose a word that doesn’t generally come up in everyday conversation. It also needs to be a word that the entire family can easily remember no matter how old or young they are.

Once a word is established, making sure everyone knows when to use the word and what to do if someone in the family says, writes or texts the word to them is important.

When to Use the Word

Your family’s code word can be used in a variety of situations. For instance, if you need to send someone to pick up your child due to an emergency, your child should be instructed to ask the person picking them up the secret word. If they do not know it, your child should not leave with them under any circumstances.

If your child feels they are in danger, they could simply text or say the word, notifying you that something is wrong. Parents could also use the word in a variety of situations. Let’s say you have a home intruder and your child is not home. If you were able to get a message out or write the word on a piece of paper to put in a window, it could alert the child not to enter and to call for help.

Practicing the Word

Especially if you have small children in the home, it’s important to practice using the word frequently. The word in itself should set off alarms in everyone’s head; the only way to do this is to ensure everyone knows the word means “help.”

If you have not practiced the word, it will not do any good when comes when someone uses it.