Police reports from Tallahassee’s biggest-ever investigation into child sex trafficking tells the story of a child forced into a life of prostitution and drugs —by her own mother. 

A customer told police when he went to the girl’s apartment, she came to the front door wrapped in a blanket.

“He followed the child victim upstairs to a bedroom,” a report says. “There was no bed in the room, only a pallet for sleeping on. There was also trash everywhere.” 

Another man said, “(He) went on to state the child’s victim’s mother would not allow him to see the child victim unless (he) had narcotics or money,” the report says. 

The girl, only 13was subjected to a revolving door of customers 

She is among untold thousands of young victims whose lives are scarred forever by commercial sex trafficking. 

According to Dr. Suzanne Harrison, director of clinical programs at FSU’s College of Medicine. “These kids are subject to such personal violence and abuse that their development is halted and altered in a way that can never be recovered. And many of them don’t ever survive it.” 

Over 40% of children trafficked were recruited by their own family.