Some American voters believe that a higher crime rate happens among illegal immigrants. This makes immigrant criminality an important public policy concern.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has data that measures the rate at which individuals were arrested and convicted by crime and immigration status in Texas. This brief is an expansion, update, and improvement on a previous brief that measured criminal arrest and conviction rates by immigration status in Texas in 2015. The newest data is from 2017.

The updated brief shows that illegal immigrants were 47 percent less likely to be convicted of a crime than Americans who are native-born. Legal immigrants were found to be 65 percent less likely to convict crimes than Americans who are native-born.

The arrest and conviction rates for illegal immigrants were also lower than those for native-born Americans but were higher than those for legal immigrants.

These results were true in just about every case, including sex crimes, homicide, larceny, and most other crimes.