Holiday Safety Tips for Kids: Keeping the Holidays Fun and Safe


It’s time for the holidays! While the Christmas season is usually a lot of fun, it’s also full of hazards for kids. No one wants their holiday spoiled by a sudden trip to the emergency room. If you have young children at home, it’s time to take a few safety precautions around the house to keep your Christmas decorations safe for the whole family.

Let’s take a look at a few safety tips that will keep your holidays merry and bright.

Storing Gifts Under the Tree

It’s customary to store gifts under the Christmas tree. However, parents must never store gifts with perfume, glass, or sharp objects under the tree. Young children are curious and resourceful. As such, they’ll help themselves get into any gifts that look appealing enough!

Instead of storing these gifts under the tree, opt to place them somewhere high up, out of reach of kids. If you’re worried that the youngsters can still get to these gifts, store them in a closet or a locked room inaccessible to children.

Fire Hazard

If your family keeps a real Christmas tree, make sure its stand stays full of water. Dried-out evergreen trees are a fire hazard due to their pines. Keep any candles or other open flames away from the tree and ensure the Christmas lights don’t stay on for too long. Likewise, never leave children unattended around open flames.

If you use an artificial tree instead, check its packaging to ensure it’s constructed from flame-retardant material. Plug lights into surge protectors with circuit breakers. While you’re at it, avoid plugging too many electronics into the same outlet. Hide cords behind furniture and out of the way of curious youngsters.


Mistletoe, holly berries, and poinsettias are all classic decorations for the Christmas season. They’re also toxic to humans. Keep these plants high up and out of reach of children. Youngsters often mistake these plants for tasty treats, which can turn a holiday celebration into a nightmare in only a few seconds.

Similarly, ensure that no Christmas tree decorations hang low enough for children to reach them. Any ornaments small enough to be ingested can pose a choking hazard for young kids. Likewise, children can easily break glass ornaments, which would pose a threat to their safety.

In either case, decorate the tree carefully to distribute weight evenly. Uneven distribution can result in the tree toppling over, especially if the kids like playing around the branches.