Fourth of July Safety Tips to Keep Your Independence Day Fun

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means it’s time for backyard cookouts, pool parties, and fireworks! Just make sure you’re following the right safety precautions so your family keeps having fun, instead of making an unplanned trip to the doctor, or worse!

Fireworks Safety

Children should never operate fireworks without supervision. In many states, fireworks are only legal if you’re a licensed pyrotechnic professional. In states where personal fireworks are legal, it’s vital that you make sure your kids aren’t using fireworks alone.

Open flames are already dangerous for kids. Adding gunpowder to that mix is a recipe for disaster. Children have lost fingers, eyes, and worse to fireworks accidents. If your kids are insistent that they be able to handle some fireworks, get them some sparklers and make sure they use them far away from any flammable materials.

Poolside Safety

If your family plans on visiting a pool for the Fourth, make sure everyone knows the right poolside safety etiquette. Don’t go swimming unless there’s a lifeguard on duty. In the event of an accident, the lifeguard can swoop in and help. Kids should know to never dive in headfirst into a body of water if they can’t verify that it’s at least ten feet deep.

You don’t need to wait half an hour after eating to jump into the water, though. That’s an old myth. While it might not feel great to exercise on a full stomach, it’s not actually dangerous. Or, it’s at least not any more dangerous than swimming already is.

Backyard Grilling Safety

Like with fireworks, make sure kids are supervised if they’re around the grill. While your kids might be eager to help grill up some hot dogs or burgers, it’s still important that they aren’t left alone with open flames. All it takes is a child tripping and accidentally pulling the grill over to start a house fire.

If you’re planning on having guests over for a cookout, make sure they know your home’s safety etiquette, too. For instance, if you have a gate for your pool to keep children from wandering into the pool area, just let your guests know to keep the gate shut if they’re moving between the backyard and pool.

The most important tip is to just keep an eye on the kids. It’s okay to have fun with your guests and enjoy the holiday, but it’s important to keep one eye on the little ones to just make sure they’re staying out of trouble.