Days after Quawan Charles, 15, went missing, he was found dead in a sugar cane field, more than 20 miles from his home. 

A preliminary autopsy found he had most likely drowned

Circumstances surrounding his disappearance, and the local police’s slowness to take action, have prompted the boy’s family to commission an independent autopsy. 

Oct. 30, Quawan’s mother planned to pick him up from his father’s home for a haircut at 3 p.m., but he didn’t answer his phone. When he hadn’t responded by 7 p.m., his parents began to worry. His father forced open his locked bedroom door, realized he was missing, and called the Baldwin Police. 

The police said that he was probably at a football game or with friends. No Amber Alert was issued. 

The family learned  Quawan had been picked up by Janet Irvin and her son, without his parents’ permission and was taken to their home in Iberia Parish. 

Quawan’s parents contacted the authorities in Iberia Parish on Nov. 3. 

Within hours of being notified, Iberia Parish sheriff’s deputies discovered the body of a teenage boy in a field near Loreauville, a small rural community not far from the Irvins’ home, after they pinged Quawan’s cellphone.