CPSC Warning Involving Peloton Treadmill Alarms Parents


After hearing reports of nearly 40 incidents involving injury relating to the Peloton Tread+ treadmill, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning regarding the exercise equipment. In a statement, the CPSC warned they “found that the public health and safety requires this notice to warn the public quickly of the hazard”.

A video of one safety incident posted to YouTube has been described as “shocking” on social media. In the video, two children playing near a Peloton Tread+ unattended by their parents get into a dangerous situation. The little girl is seen playing on the treadmill, while the little boy is behind it with a large bouncy ball.

The boy tries to get the ball to spin between the treadmill and the floor and gets himself caught under the exercise equipment. While he isn’t seriously harmed in the incident, the video shows how similar accidents could play out if children aren’t careful around this piece of equipment.

Consumer Warning

Items that might be considered perfectly safe for adults can often be quite dangerous for children. Kids are much more likely to play on equipment in ways that the manufacturers didn’t intend, which can lead to situations like the one seen in the above video.

Peloton, for their part, has contended that there is no need for a safety recall of this model of equipment. They argue that users should always follow the safety guidelines included with the equipment they purchase. Some commenters on social media have noted that kids should never be unattended with exercise equipment like this. However, not every home situation is the same, and not every parent can supervise their children’s activity around the clock.

Parents Are Warned

Experts familiar with the CPSC’s thinking have noted that this pattern seems unique to the Tread+ treadmill’s design. Other treadmills of a similar size do not seem to have this issue that results in children getting pulled underneath them.

Out of an abundance of caution, the CPSC has warned that parents with young children in their homes should discontinue the use of the Tread+ product. If it’s not feasible to discontinue the use of the product, however, parents could also consider keeping the piece of equipment in a locked room that kids can’t access.

When not in use, make sure that the equipment remains unplugged, and that the key to start it remains in a safe location. Never underestimate kids when it comes to finding ways to misuse exercise equipment.