Children’s Safety: Avoidable Risks over the Holidays


With the end-of-year holidays in full swing, we’re now finally within spitting distance of the end of 2020. This is normally a very cheerful and happy time of year, thanks to the warmth of the holiday season and togetherness with family.

However, thanks to the raging pandemic, time with family has become much more fraught. Today, we’re looking over the avoidable risks that might be taken over the holidays this year and how to keep children safe going into the festivities.

Having Family Over

Consult your local medical guidance over whether having gatherings will be legal or encouraged in your area. Due to the pandemic, many areas are imposing strict guidelines over gatherings to help slow the spread of disease.

However, even if there aren’t local ordinances in place, carefully consider having any people over at your home who don’t already live there. The CDC has warned that gatherings of multiple people from different households could easily lead to the spread of COVID-19.

If you do plan to have family over, try to keep the number of people manageable. Large gatherings are inadvisable right now, especially if you have young children or older people who could be at greater risk from the coronavirus. Even if everyone feels healthy, it’s important to remember that some people can feel fine but still be contagious carriers of the virus.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re thinking of doing any outdoor activities for festivities, like visiting mall Santas or seeing holiday lights and displays, remember to practice social distancing. Make sure your children know to keep six feet from all strangers, and to keep their masks on at all times when in public.

This way, they’ll be at a much lower risk of contracting or spreading illness. This is all according to official CDC guidance on how to comport oneself while in public in the midst of the pandemic.

Remember, even if your area is allowing things like outdoor gatherings or indoor seating, it’s important that you use discretion when deciding to engage in such activities. If you can’t guarantee your or your children’s safety, it might be worth simply skipping some activities this year.


For more general advice, make sure you’re careful when you’re shopping for gifts for children. Make sure the product is recommended for a child in their age range and isn’t something they could use to get into trouble.

For instance, consider not giving young children access to items that have unfettered internet access unless a parent will be able to supervise their use closely.