Child Safety Tips: Child-Proofing Your Home in Easy Steps


If you’re a new parent or if you’re going to be having kids over at your home, you’ll want to know about child-proofing your space. It’s important that you take these precautions as soon as possible: the sooner you get rid of potential hazards, the better. Kids are good at finding the most dangerous things in any given space.

Here are some quick tips to get your home child-proofed and safe before any kids start crawling (or running) around.


First, get some outlet plugs. Plastic plugs that are made to be child-proof are ideal, as they’re very difficult for tiny fingers to pry loose. Kids are inquisitive, and every little hole in the wall seems like a great place to shove a fork or a finger. This is why so many children are rushed to the ER for incidents involving power outlets.

Plug those outlets with some plastic blockers and keep kids well clear of any electrical wires.

Secure Furniture

If you’ve got any tall, top-heavy furniture, make sure it’s secured to the wall with anchors and straps. Kids love climbing, and they will try to climb on your furniture. Children get rushed to the hospital every day for injuries that occur as a result of a furniture tip-over.

Make sure you don’t store tempting items like toys high-up and in view of children, either. Kids love to try to climb to grab things that have been stored on top of tall furniture.

Sharp Objects

You might know how to exercise knife safety in the kitchen, but children don’t. Even if you tell them how dangerous sharp objects like knives are, they might not fully appreciate this advice. As such, it’s ideal to put up and secure any sharp objects before children visit or enter the home.

That thing about kids climbing to places they shouldn’t be to reach for items comes back here. Imagine a child trying to climb onto the kitchen counter and knocking a knife off toward themselves. This kind of accident is chilling to think about, but incidents like this happen all too often.

Pill Bottles

Here’s a tough one: every kid seems to think that pill bottles are full of candy. Even if you tell them that the bottle is off-limits and that it doesn’t taste good, some kids take this to mean “I keep the tastiest candy in here and it’s not for kids, so try to grab it while I’m not looking”.

Just lock up your medicine cabinet and nip that problem in the bud before it becomes an issue.