Child Safety: Swimming Pools and Lakes


As the weather gets nicer and you’re looking to hit the swimming spots with your family, you need to keep safety protocols in mind. After all, a fun summer afternoon can turn into a nightmare in a split second if you’re not careful.

Your kids need to be well-informed about how to be safe around water, and you need to know how to keep them in the loop. Let’s take a look at some common sense safety tips that every family needs to practice near the pool.

No Running

When you’re by the pool, the worst thing you can do is sprint around. Kids love to run from place to place while they’re playing with friends. However, around the pool, this could be deadly. Running near spots of water can cause you to slip and fall. Since many pools are surrounded by concrete, a fall onto your head could knock you unconscious.

And, as you might expect, unconscious people have a hard time keeping themselves afloat in a pool. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, hauling an unconscious person out of a pool is an extremely difficult task. Around a lake or the ocean, the same applies, but for a different reason. Slipping into a natural body of water could see you getting pulled in by the tide and getting too far from the shore.

Don’t Dive Headfirst

Unless you’re near a diving pool with sufficient depth, make sure your kids know not to dive headfirst into bodies of water. Diving can be fun, for sure, but in a shallow pool or in a lake that could be rocky at the bottom is extremely dangerous.

Even the ocean can be dangerous to dive into unless you’re diving from a very far-our pier or from a boat deep in the ocean. Diving near the shore can result in running your head into the sand, which could also knock you unconscious.

Proper Technique

Make sure your kids are also well-versed in swimming technique before you set them loose without a lifejacket. Swimming isn’t exactly second-nature for most people, so going over the basics of how to tread water and how to efficiently move through the water is important.

Remember: keep an eye on any kids under 12 around bodies of water. You might think they’re well-equipped to know what they’re doing around the pool, but it only takes a moment for an accident to claim a life.