On a recent Saturday afternoon during a peaceful protest, Mando Avery held his 7-year-old son’s hand as he and members of his family finished praying with members from their church.

During an otherwise quiet moment, Avery said that police appeared out of nowhere and started firing mace at the group. The mace hit his young son square in the face.

The little boy started screaming and clutching at his father, and Evan Hreha, a hairstylist who arrived at the protests alone, happened to capture the event on camera.

Hreha confronted the officer who fired the mace and let him know that the footage was going to be posted online, which is exactly what he did.

The footage captured the outrage of the protestors after what they witnessed the little boy getting maced and they demanded to know why police would spray a child and make no attempt to help.

Since then, Hreha was arrested and spent two days in jail, and the young boy was left traumatized with a chemical burn on his cheek.