Back to School Safety Tips: Staying Safe During the Commute

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Unless you homeschool your kids, they’ve got to get to school somehow. Of course, any transportation involves some degree of risk. Whether you drive them to school yourself or take the school bus, or even walk, there are risks involved with getting to school.

Since the back-to-school season is just around the corner, now is a great time to refresh your kids’ memories on how to stay safe during their morning trip to school.

Riding in the Car

Basic car safety rules apply as standard when you’re giving your kids a ride to school, but there are a few things you might want to remind your children before the school year resumes. Simple things like making sure they wear their seatbelts, keeping their hands inside the car, and not distracting you while you’re driving are all easy to remember.

If your kids pack a lunch for school, make sure they remember to grab it before they hop in the car. Likewise, help them organize their school supplies so that they’re ready to grab their backpack and go in the mornings!

Taking the School Bus

If they take the school bus, there are some essential safety precautions you’ll want to remind them about. They must stay seated while the bus is moving. Since school busses often don’t have seatbelts, kids need to be careful about not sliding out of their seats or standing up while the bus is in motion. If they do, they could get hurt when the bus driver applies the brakes.

Another safety precaution is to make sure they’re washing their hands before they touch their faces after they’ve been on the school bus. Since so many kids are in such a tight space on the school bus, the vehicle can be a germ catcher.

Walking to School

If they usually walk to school, then they’ll want to remember stranger danger safety tips, too. Impress upon your children how important it is that they don’t accept car rides from anyone, as getting into the car with even someone they know could be dangerous.

Traffic safety tips are important, too! Kids should be careful about crossing the street, taking precautions to only cross at pedestrian crosswalks at intersections when they have the right of way. Failure to do so could put them in danger of being struck by a moving vehicle. While these things might sound simple, it’s vital to go over them as a refresher before the school year starts back so that it’s fresh in your kids’ minds!