Three Alabama teachers have been arrested for alleged sex crimes in the Northern Alabama region in recent weeks. This has led many parents to have horrified reactions, knowing their children were being taught by accused sex criminals. One of the teachers, Brody Gibson, 26, was arrested on charges of engaging in a sex act with a student.

“It’s really shocking, you never really think it’s going to be at the school your kids go and you hear, it’s actually one of her teachers,” one mom told reporters. The incident led to an increased push among parents at schools in the area to talk to their kids about sexual assault.

Teacher Arrested for Serious Crime

Gibson’s accused crimes are quite serious. Statutory rape and engaging in a sex act with a student are both serious offenses, which can carry jail time if he is found guilty. The student, who was under nineteen, has not been publicly named. Gibson taught sixth and seventh-grade social studies, as well as coaching for the Clements High School baseball team.

Gibson has been placed on administrative leave, though it is unlikely he will keep his job if found guilty of the crimes he’s accused of. He is currently out of jail on a $5,000 bond. He is expected to fight the charges, though it is unclear if he currently has a lawyer. He has made no public comment on the charges.

Talking to Kids About Assault

Talking to your kids about serious issues like sexual assault can be very heavy. However, it’s important that you speak honestly and frankly with your kids about the dangers they could face in the world. Impress upon them how serious it is if adults make advances on them or friends their age.

Make sure they know it’s not okay for adults of any profession to attempt to coerce them into uncomfortable situations.

Kids are quick learners. Make sure you tell them what they need to do if an adult is making them uncomfortable. Abusers often trick kids into not telling anyone by warning that the kids will be the ones who get in trouble if anyone finds out. However, this is far from the truth, and it’s important you explain this to your children.

If someone makes advances on them or makes them uncomfortable, make sure your kids know that it’s okay to make noise and bring that situation to the light. The sooner the spotlight is on the people trying to commit these crimes, the sooner they’ll be brought to justice for their actions.