Saturday, around 8 p.m. in Orange County, Texas Sheriff’s deputies found a 4-year-old boy dead in a car, after reportedly being left in the vehicle for several hours. 

The car was parked outside a donut shop. An autopsy has been ordered to find out exactly how the little one died. 

No charges have been filed as of now. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services are still investigating the case to piece together exactly what happened. 

“We will look at all the avenues, we will talk to the parents, we will talk to anybody that was in the area,” said Detective Joshua Lockett in a statement. 

Authorities say it is not clear right now how the child ended up in the car. Locket said it is important to think twice before exiting the vehicle. 

“Just double check whenever you get out of your vehicle. I know it’s fast paced, people are always in a hurry, trying to get things done. But, just be mindful of your kids and your animals,” Lockett said.

This is a developing story.